Integrated event planning solutions
To make arrangements for a business meeting anywhere in the world, to order transfer services for yourself or for your entire team, to book a conference room and to fit it with all the required equipment, and to reserve a table for you at a restaurant or to arrange a museum visit for you after the conference — the WTC Event dedicated professional team will make any event ready for you on a “turn-key” basis. Planning, consulting, designing a tailor-made solution — we will help you orchestrate an event of any scale!
  • Accommodation
  • Renting a conference room
  • Provision of equipment of any degree of complexity
  • Transportation services
  • Event management and support
  • An entertainment program
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Construction work in the exhibition area
  • Printed and souvenir items with your logo
  • Event program development
  • Personal managers and a working group to make arrangements for your event and to provide support at all stages of it
  • Budget management, liaison with vendors and entertainers, cost optimization
  • A diverse range of consulting services