Actual: SB RF: New Digital Products
2 April 2020

In the Kremlin, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, met with the president and chairman of the management board of the PJSC Sberbank Herman Gref. According to the results of 2019, “Sberbank” brought in 860 billion rubles in net profit – a 14% increase. 

Despite the slowdown in growth of the loan portfolio of legal entities, on average the portfolio is growing at a rate of 1.5% for individuals: the growth for 2019 amounted to 18.5%.

A number of new technologies were incorporated into the work of the bank, the amount of services for clients increased, especially digital services, which influenced the growth of commission income from both individuals and legal entities. The quality of assets improved; the cost of risk decreased. The number of individual “Sberbank” clients increased by three million. 

Herman Gref defined the new task of the bank as such: to appeal to the youth sector, which is already becoming noticeable - the age of “Sberbank” clients is changing significantly, and “Sberbank” is ceasing to be a bank for the adult generation. 

Next, Herman Gref stopped in detail on the loan policy of the bank. He said in part that, “Today, about 20 percent of our loans for small and medium business are given out automatically in 7 minutes. We want to get this to 80-90%, and, in general, we believe that by 2023 [it will be] 100%. Today, 98% of individuals receive loans based on automatic decisions; 70% is the number we are striving for in terms of legal entities. Thirty percent of deals will remain difficult, where human interaction is still required.” A so-called “loan factory” has been built within the bank, and this is a big achievement, a breakthrough in production. The application “Sberbank Business Online” helps to avoid long lines and direct communication, suggesting the use of video-chats with managers when necessary. 

In 2019, two significant events occurred within “Sberbank”: the platform SberCloud was created, not ceding in quality to the platforms of companies such as “Microsoft,” “Google,” “Amazon,” or “Alibaba.” Today, the subsidiary company “SberCloud” can offer its services in the “cloud” of the bank, with cyber protection, to a practically unlimited number of clients. The development of the platform ran for 6 years; over 23 thousand engineers worked on its creation. 

The creation of a Russian platform by Sberbank is also an important point, as well as its qualities, such as reliability, data protection, cost, and speed of the creation of services, applicable not only in the banking sphere – the platform is currently being tested by the government of the Russian Federation. A separate point is staff training; it is possible to train up to five thousand people a year to work with the Sberbank’s toolkit.  

In December, together with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, a service for issuing a hunting ticket was created on a new platform, a school platform was piloted in 15 schools, a decision was made to create a platform for universities with MIPT, and platforms for medical institutions with Skoltech.

The joint venture, created with the government of Moscow, is the owner of the Moscow cloud. Cberbank’s task, according to Herman Gref, is both technological and methodological: to build and simplify the corresponding process. This will enable to creation of a super-modern platform, which will make the process both simpler and cheaper. It was also agreed that all the services being made for Moscow will also be made available for the rest of the regions on a free basis. 

Herman Gref also emphasized that the new platform created by “Sberbank” is flexible, allowing the creation of services in two weeks. The microservice platform, which is not connected, is also very secure, and even if one service fails, the rest of the platform is absolutely independent, which is particularly valuable in the face of significant geopolitical risks. 

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