Session «Smart City. The City Gains Intelligence»

May 30, 2018, WTC Moscow

Over the past year, the "smart city" has occupied the information space, turning into a kind of trademark. And today every city wants to try on this phenomenon, but still the idea of ​​what a smart city is, differs greatly

The examples of European (see the WTCA cases: 1, 2) and Asian countries that have transformed life and work environment with the help of "smart technologies", increased energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and security of their cities, Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and a number of other Russian subjects  inspired to accumulate experience, test and integrate "smart” technologies, transport systems and video surveillance systems. And today Russia has  declared a large-scale introduction of smart technologies in the life of its cities.

In the spring of 2018, the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation selected 18 cities to start the all-Russian project "Smart City"  It will affect the areas of innovative urban planning and housing and communal services, traffic management, security, and orientation in space. One of the most important directions of development will also be the introduction of ICT for involving citizens in the adoption of key decisions on urban development issues.

At this stage it is necessary to determine what the introduction of smart technologies for a particular city means, and whether the same experience  can be applied in different cities.

On May 30, the World Trade Center together with the Key Capital company, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and the Czech-Russian Business Council, will hold a panel discussion "Smart City. The city gains intelligence." The meeting will be held within the framework of the International Business Forum of Real Estate (IBFN).

Representatives of the authorities, world-renowned developers of the latest digital systems, asset management companies with successfully implemented projects, as well as leading industry experts will discuss the latest developments in the field of "smart technologies", urban transformation, security, and barriers that arise during the implementation of smart- systems.

1. What products and technologies  need to be used?
European case, Asian case, Russian case.

2. How do ICTs transform life and the working environment?
Social, economic and environmental aspects of implementation.

  • Introduction of digital technologies in public systems
  • Housing of the 21st century
  • How to make the city the safest in the world?

3. Which implementation scenario need to be chosen and what barriers are to be overcome?
Unlimited possibilities under the limited budgets and time.

To participate in the panel discussion are invited:

  • Chibis Andrey - Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation;
  • Tuzmukhametov Eldar – Head of Innovation Department, the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow;
  • Zbytec Zdeněk - Chairman of the Board, Director General of JSC "Czech East", Chairman of the Czech-Russian Business Council;
  • Shataev Vadim - leading engineer of the Termona company's representative office in Russia;
  • Malakhov Alexander - Head of Information Technologies Department of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Volkov Sergey – Head of information modelling of “UDAS Skolkovo”;
  • Sokolov Konstantin - Director of the Moscow office of “Semren & Mansson”;
  • Brundukov Ali - Head of work with strategic customers of Cisco;
  • Drozhzhin Sergey - Advisor to the director, analyst of the Institute of Design and Urbanistics, Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics ITMO (St. Petersburg);
  • Kulinichev Igor - Lead Architect of IBM Industry Solutions;
  • Nikitina Veronika – Development manager of LLC “IT Smart City”;
  • Chang Shin-Chang – Taipei World Trade Center, Head of the representative office in Moscow;
  • Makrushin Alexey - Director general of the Association “ZKH I gorodskaya sreda”;
  • Bobchikhin Artem – Commercial Director of “Moy Dom” company.



With the support of the Czech-Russian Business Council.

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