Actual: Vladimir Putin on Russia-China Relations
15 April 2020

During the Large press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. held recently at the Moscow World Trade Center, a correspondent of the CCTV-media Corporation of China, addressing the President of the Russian Federation with questions about Chinese - Russian relations, stressed that 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries, and it can be argued that bilateral relations have entered a new era

The international situation is now full of uncertainty and instability. It is obvious that some countries pursue a policy of unipolar peace and protectionism and undermine the foundations of international law and free trade, while China and Russia are supporters of a multipolar world. What measures on the part of China and Russia could support the primordial principles of a multipolar world and free trade system and how can we respond effectively to external challenges?

According to Vladimir Putin, the most important thing that has been achieved in recent years between Russia and China is not so much the numbers and the variety of sectors of cooperation, but the unprecedented level of trust that has developed between the countries. Russian-Chinese cooperation is an important factor in international stability, including in the establishment of international law and the creation of a multipolar world.

"This is the basis on which we are making progress in the economy - our trade turnover is already over 100 billion; we will certainly reach the 200 billion mark and achieve this milestone in cooperation in high-tech areas – in space, aircraft construction, transport, and many other areas." 

Vladimir Putin noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was an illusion that a unipolar world was possible and would last for a long time, but this was only an illusion, as recent events demonstrate. This multipolarity of the world is a derivative of economic relations.  

After World War II, the US share of world GDP was 50%. Today, China's share is higher than that of the US. China is ahead of the United States according to many other indicators as well, and the Chinese economy has become larger than the American economy in terms of purchasing power parity. Such processes inevitably lead to changes in a number of ways. 

"And besides, the world cannot be arranged unipolarly, with a single center from which the entire world community is governed. Our interaction with China plays a very important role in this. We will strengthen our multilateral strategic ties. I am sure that this will benefit both the people of China and the people of the Russian Federation."

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