WTCA News: WTCA in Copenhagen: WTC Ballerup
10 April 2020

Dear colleagues, we would like you to distract from the current news and unforeseen changes (“ the New norms” as it is called now) and suggest recollecting the situation as it was a month ago. We would like to present you a series of articles about WTCA members from different countries. Today it is going to be WTC Ballerup (Denmark, Copenhagen). 

Denmark is a country situated in northern part of Europe, it is the southernmost Scandinavian country. The population of Denmark is 5,8 million people, it is the most densely populated Scandinavian country. Denmark is not so rich in natural resources - the strongest areas are human capital which is being constantly invested in, along with external trade. 

Service sector takes up the major part (in 2017 GDP was 75.2 %) and foreign trade per person makes Denmark the world leader in this measure. The main trading partners are the EU countries: Germany (15,5 % of Denmark’s export), then come Sweden and Great Britain.  In 2019 Denmark’s import was 97 billion dollars, export – 109 billion dollars. The main part of impors consists of semi-finished industrial products, chemicals, seeds and consumer goods. The exports are wind turbines, pharmaceutical products, equipment and also food, dairy products, fish. Most part of exported products are local products or high value added goods. 

Denmark has trade links with Russia through the Baltic Sea - Denmark’s exports to Russia values at less than 1 % (for imports it is 1.8 %). 

There is one WTC in Denmark: WTC Ballerup. Current owner purchased the license and presents WTC Ballerup (WTCB) as an “exclusive business center in the capital area of Denmark”. 

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The total area of WTCB is 17,8 thousand m². There are both small and medium-sized companies present there. WTCB offers wide range of services to the clients: offices, meeting rooms and conference halls’ rental, parking lots, access to fitness center, a number of cafes and restaurants. There is also a Business Club in WTC. 

11.pngIn February 2020 WTC Moscow held RAWI 2020 – the major forum on Russian Wind Power Industry. The ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark Carsten Sondergaard gave an interview at this forum. 

WTC: Your excellency, welcome to WTC Moscow. It's an honor to welcome you and meet you, Sir. How do you find the event?

CS: The event is very informative and interesting. Good vision and many insights.

WTC: Do you think we have the future in the renewables, Sir? I mean the country.

CS: Of course. This is the only way to go. This is a one-way street and the green agenda is going to be more and more relevant.

WTC: Why do you think are you the leaders and we are somewhat lagging behind in the renewables?

CS: Well, the history, right people in the right moment. The Russian Federation signed the Paris Agreement which is very important in this process. Nowadays, it is the agenda for the whole, not for one country.

WTC: What is the future in the implementation of renewables from your point of view?

CS: Life is a combination of necessity and chance as one philosopher have said.

WTC: You mean now is our chance to make it, before it becomes an acute necessity?

CS: It's a one-way street, yes

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