Rules for holding events in the Congress Center


The WTC shall make the premises of the Congress Center available for conducting the Customer's events in accordance with the terms and conditions of an Event Agreement. The Customer's events shall not jeopardize the reputation or safety of the WTC, their personnel and hotel guests.

In pursuance of the terms of the Event Agreement, the premises shall be provided to the Customer for the period of rig-up/rig-down and performance operations. The Customer shall use the diagrams of the Congress Center premises for drafting the exhibition decoration/exposition plan.

Unless otherwise provided by the agreement, no later than within 10 business days prior to the commencement of installation works the Customer shall submit to the WTC:

• furniture and equipment layout plan;

• room decoration plan;

• list of the equipment to be delivered for event performance;

• applicable certificates for the materials and equipment to be used, including fire safety certificates.

Walls and ceilings of the halls with capacity up to 800 seats shall have the Material Fire Hazard Class (MC) of at least MC1; i.e. combustibility: G1 (low combustible); flammability: V1 (low flammable); smoke-generating ability: D2 (moderate smoke-generating ability); toxicity: T2 (moderately hazardous)

The flooring should have Material Fire Hazard Class (MC) of at least MC2, i.e. G1, В2, D2, T2, RP1;

• applicable licenses and/or package of applicable permission documentation;

• list of persons engaged in the rig-up works;

In preparation of exhibition events, the Customer shall additionally submit:

• exposition plan of the exhibition with an indication of the materials from which the exhibition constructions are made;

• list of exhibits;

• power supply plan with an indication of the corresponding loads;

•      Act of delineation of the ownership and electrical equipment operational responsibilities, in 2 copies;

• report on the performance of operational tests to be carried out by a registered electrical laboratory consisting of:

- visual inspection report;

- measurements of insulation resistance of wires, cables and windings of electrical machines;

- report on matching "phase-zero" circuit parameters with characteristics of the protection devices and integrity of protective conductors;

• draft layout (plan) of the electrical equipment with an indication of the electric power (kW) and locations of installation of the Customer's switchboards, with an indication of the total power consumption of all current-collecting gears at 380/220V;

• accompanying letter containing information about the objectives and operations period, the list of employees involved in the event rig-up/rig-down activities and maintenance, with an indication of the persons responsible for meeting the occupational safety and health requirements;

• documents in support of the electrical safety groups of such employees:

• Certified copies of the electrical safety knowledge assessment certificates;

• Certified copies of the logbook of electrical installation operating rules knowledge assessment;

• Cable products certificates of conformity and fire certificates.

• certificates of conformity for switchboard, lighting, power supply, distribution equipment.

• license for the performance of electrical installation works.

No changes to approved designs shall be done without a written consent of the WTC.

The Customer shall inform the WTC about the contractor organizations and persons engaged by the Customer for the event performance. In engaging contractors for the provision of services, the Customer shall be obliged to instruct them about the need to comply with these requirements in the course of conducting events in the WTC. The Customer shall be fully liable for the activities of the contractor organizations.

Rig-up/rig-down works

The Customer shall carried out all rig-up/rig-down works, including delivery/removal of equipment and materials, exhibits, packing materials, in accordance with the agreed time limits. Any changes to the rig-up/rig-down schedule shall be subject to prior approval of the WTC.

The Customer may neither engage any contractors for the performance of rig-up/rig-down works, nor perform such works using its own resources, without a prior approval of the WTC. Permissions for performance of electrical and other engineering works shall be granted subject to availability of applicable licenses.

The WTC personnel shall prepare the premises for the event using the furniture and technical equipment layout diagrams and plans submitted by the Customer within the agreed time limits.  All subsequent works related to changes in the approved plans and diagrams shall be carried out at extra cost on the basis of a Customer's written application.

Decorations, banners and other elements of the decorative design of the Congress Center and the adjacent territory that the Customer plans to use during the event should be approved by the WTC. All exhibition constructions and fillers to be used for construction of exhibition stands should be certified.

In the premises of the Congress Center of the WTC it is prohibited to carry out sawing, planning, and other carpentry works related to manufacturing structural parts with the use of the following materials: wood, plywood, particle board, fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, plasterboard, foamed polyurethane; to carry out paint and varnish works, make various holes in the floors and walls. Performance of such works shall be allowed in case of emergency and only subject to approval of the WTC. At the sites of performance of such works, the Customer should take all measures to protect the floor covering and adjacent walls, ceilings, etc., from damage and pollution. It is prohibited to proceed with such works without implementation of measures to protect the floor covering and adjacent walls, ceilings, etc. Installation of prefabricated structures made of such materials shall be allowed subject to approval of the WTC and availability of acts (protocols) and copies of licenses of the firms that carried out the works related to flame retardant treatment.

Exhibition stands shall be installed within the allocated area. Exhibition stands and temporary structures shall be installed at a distance of at least 0.5 m from the walls within the limits set out for the exhibition, and should have an additional carpet covering. A stand height should not exceed 2.5 meters. Any excessive height of the stand requires approval of the WTC. In the event of construction of a 2-storey stand, the Customer shall be charged with additional 50% of the rental charges for the developed area. The passages for visitors should remain unobstructed, be at least 3 meters wide, and provide for circular traffic across the exhibition area. There should be no details of stand structures protruding beyond passage boundaries. During the rig-up/rig-down period, the aisles between stands should remain free of packaging materials and construction waste.

Rigid fastening of stand elements or other erected structures to floor and wall surfaces is prohibited. After rig-down of stands and other erected structures, such surfaces should be restored to their original appearance.

Within the Congress Center premises, the Customer and/or Customer's contractors should erect stage structures with the use of additional protective materials (300 x 300 mm squares at least 10 mm thick, made of plywood or a similar material) placed under support racks of the stage. It is prohibited to erect stage structures without implementation of the above measures.

The Customer and/or third parties it has engaged may not install any mechanical, electrical, or other equipment, within the WTC territory without a prior written approval of the WTC. The Customer must ensure the compliance of the installed equipment with the WTC power supply and fire safety requirements, and coordinate the equipment operation, as well.

The Customer is not allowed to lay communication lines on its own, and connect mini-ATS or other equipment to the provided communication lines without approval of the WTC.

Loading/unloading operations

No Customer's loading/unloading facilities are admitted to performance of rig-up/rig-down operations. Only specialized organizations, and firms-developers are allowed to carry out such works with the use of lifting mechanisms belonging to the WTC. The timing of the loading/unloading operations shall be determined subject to approval of the WTC.

Loading/unloading operations shall be carried out in the presence of a Customer's representative, who should have documents authorizing the performance of the loading/unloading operations and the use of electric forklift, and exercise the supervision over the performance thereof, compliance of the permissible loads and cargo dimensions with the hoisting machine capacity, as well as compliance with safety regulations.

Electric installation works

Only organizations authorized to carry out electrical works and operational maintenance of the electrical equipment shall be authorized to conduct such activities during the event.

Electrical installation works shall be carried out in accordance with the power supply plan coordinated with WTC, prepared with indication of all locations of electrical power equipment and lighting, power supply voltage, maximum load power for each item of equipment, the points of connection of electrical equipment to power supply sources.

In open areas and passage points, cables should be covered by gangways/protective conduits with free access to the electrical distribution input equipment.

The Customer and/or representative of the organization, engaged by the Customer for the performance of electrical works, shall monitor the condition of electrical equipment in accordance with the act of delineation of operational responsibilities. For the period of the exhibition, the delineation of the ownership and electrical equipment operational responsibilities shall be determined in accordance with an act to be executed by and between the WTC and the organization engaged in the performance of the electrical works, immediately before the energization.

The WTC shall have the right of emergency power cutoff in the event of non-observance of the WTC power supply plan, as well as in case of emergency. The Customer shall reimburse the WTC's losses caused by the above reasons.

Without WTC's approval, the Customer may not hook up to the input equipment additional loads that are not set out in the power supply plan.

Equipment delivery/removal

Delivery of equipment and/or any other materials for the event shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure set forth for the property delivery/removal to/from the territory of the WTC. The equipment delivery/removal schedule shall be forwarded by the Customer within at least 5 business days prior to the commencement of the event, except as otherwise provided for by the agreement. Upon event completion, equipment, exhibits shall be removed according to passes issued by the WTC administration in accordance with the letter-list.

During the event rig-up/rig-down period, the WTC shall ensure entry/exit and 2 hours free vehicle parking for equipment and materials unloading/loading. During the event performance period, the Customer shall be provided with parking on the territory of WTC on a paying basis.

All cargos belonging to the Customer, contractors, engaged by the Customer for the event performance, and exhibitors, should be removed from the WTC territory within the time limits set out in the agreement. In the event of failure to remove the equipment and materials and leave the premises, the WTC retains the right to charge additional fees for the use of the premises and to dispose of such property at its discretion. In such a case, the Customer shall not claim damages.

Event performance and safety

            The Customer shall appoint its authorized representative responsible for the Event organization and observance of security measures during the Event preparation and conducting.

The visitors shall be admitted to the event in accordance with lists, passes and invitation cards, the samples of which shall be delivered by the Customer to the WTC not later than within 3 business days prior to the commencement of the event, except as otherwise set forth by the agreement.

WTC shall provide for external security of the building and access control within its territory.

The Customer shall ensure, by its own efforts, the necessary public order during the event performance. In the event of any situation related to violation of public order, during event preparation, conducting and completion, the Customer shall independently and at its own expense resolve the arising issues in accordance with the procedure established by the law of the Russian Federation.

It is prohibited to deliver or bring in explosive, fire-hazardous, toxic, radioactive, drug-containing substances, weapons, ammunition, other prohibited drugs, items, or materials, to the WTC territory.

During the event preparation and performance, the WTC shall not be responsible for damage to or loss of the Customer's material values.

The Customer agrees to provide, upon WTC request, all applicable permits and certificates for the materials and equipment to be used at the event. WTC shall have the right to prohibit the use of any machinery, decoration elements that may present a threat to the life and health of people and/or property of the WTC.

No activities of third party security agencies are allowed in the territory of the Congress Center without a license and prior approval of the WTC. Security agencies that do not comply with the WTC internal rules shall not be admitted to operate within the WTC territory.

In the event of simultaneous performance of multiple events in the WTC, the lobby zone shall serve as a shared space and may not be used for exhibition exposition accommodation.

The maximum permissible loudness level of the equipment used for the event shall be subject to approval of the WTC. The WTC shall retain the right to adjust the volume level of the background music during events.

Exhibits and equipment may be sold, and trade transactions may be concluded at the exhibition in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. No retail sale of the exhibited goods from the stands is allowed.


Catering department of PJSC "WTC" shall provide catering services for the events.

The Customer may place advertising materials, registration and directional signs in WTC territory only subject to a prior approval of the WTC. The Customer shall publish advertisements in the media, and use other advertising media, with an indication of the Event venue, more specifically: the WTC Congress Center, using the PJSC WTC trademark.


WTC shall provide for garbage removal during rig-up/rig-down events. Developers and exhibitors shall pack the garbage for disposal and put it in the aisles for the subsequent removal. The Customer shall carry out the final post-installation cleaning of the exhibition area and stands.

During events, WTC shall provide cleaning support services, including daily full-scale cleaning and garbage removal after event hours.

During the performance of exhibition events, the WTC shall provide for cleaning the common exhibition area of and aisles, as well as garbage removal from the specially designated sites during the exhibition. The Customer shall keep the stands clean at the expense of the Customer.

After event completion, the Customer shall remove bulky waste, empty containers, loose waste, by the Customer's efforts and at its own expense. In case of Customer's failure to remove such wastes from the WTC territory after event completion, the WTC may recover from the Customer the total costs of waste disposal.

Fire safety

The Customer, contractors, and persons engaged by the Customer for the event performance, as well as event participants, shall be responsible for the compliance with fire safety requirements in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, and in accordance with the Fire Safety Procedure for Events held in the PJSC WTC Congress Center.

The Customer and/or third parties engaged by the Customer may not lay temporary cable lines without a prior written approval of the WTC. Temporary cable lines shall be installed by the Customer and/or third parties engaged by the Customer with the use of their own floor-mounted cable channels.



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