The French Republic

France (the French Republic) is a state in Western Europe. The total area of ​​the country is 551 square kilometers. The population is 63.7 million people. The capital - Paris. The major cities: Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, Nice. France is a unitary republic, with the president at the head of the state. The country is divided into 22 regions.

France is a mono-national state, every native of the country is considered a Frenchman. The official language is French.

The country is one of the leaders of the European Union in terms of GDP (per capita), with significant share of the public sector in strategically important areas including the oil and gas industry and transport.

The foreign capital’s share in the economy: up to 40% in industry, 27.5% in real estate, 20% in trade, and 9% in services. An essential part of France's GDP is industrial production (20%), which corresponds to more than 30% of jobs, 40% of investment and 80% of exports.

The country has developed machinery manufacturing sector (the world's third largest producer of automobiles), as well as the chemical, aerospace, food, radio-electronic, information, shipbuilding and electrical engineering sectors.

France has significant reserves of minerals: iron and uranium ores, bauxites, potassium salts, etc. This creates a base for mining and heavy industry development. The country is the third in Western Europe in steelmaking.

In terms of agricultural output, France ranks 1st in Western Europe and 3rd in the world (after the United States and Canada). The country is the largest supplier of wheat, butter, beef, cheeses (more than 400 varieties). More than 50% of production is provided by animal husbandry. The share of wines in exports is traditionally high.

France has the most developed rail network in Europe. Since 1981, most of the cities have been connected by a network of high-speed highways (including the Channel Tunnel). 

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The list of French companies interested in cooperation with Russia  

The First International Franco-Russian Business Forum was held at the World Trade Center. The aim is to build an open and friendly dialogue between the two countries' business in order to facilitate the business partnerships development, to increase contacts and best practice exchange. The event opened with a meeting of experts dedicated to “the opportunities, prospects, conditions and rules of the Russia market for the foreign companies” followed by a B2B session. More info on the event.

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