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Membership in associations

The World Trade Center Moscow is a member of a number of international organizations that embrace the business community of the whole world. Such cooperation opens wide opportunities for WTC Moscow partners to declare themselves at the international level, to establish business with colleagues from abroad and to bring their products to foreign markets.

The World Trade Centers’ Association (WTCA)

We are a member of the WTCA since 1974.

The World Trade Centers’ Association is an international non-profit and non-political organization which purpose is to promote the development of international trade. The association was established in 1970. Its headquarters is in New York, USA.

The Association holds a leading position in international trade. Today the WTCA unites more than 300 World Trade Centers in 90 countries of the world.

Benefits of membership include:

  • License to use the trademark World Trade Center (WTC);
  • Getting a high level of competitiveness while using the global brand;
  • A large-scale network of contacts around the world;
  • Obtaining the WTCA quality standards;
  • Contacts placing in the WTCA database;
  • Receiving the WTCA press releases;
  • Exchange of information between the WTCA members on an ongoing basis;
  • Certification of the WTCA;
  • Consulting on WTC’s management

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (the CCI) is a non-governmental non-profit organization that unites representatives of business circles for the realization of the goals and objectives defined by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation" and the Charter of the Chamber on the basis of membership.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation represents the interests of small, medium and large businesses. The main task of the organization is to protect the interests of the business community in government and local self-government bodies.

The CCI system of Russia unites more than 180 territorial chambers, more than 50,000 enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership - members of the CCI, more than 200 unions, associations and other business associations at the federal level and 500 business associations at regional levels, as well as the RF CCI committees and councils on different areas of activity.

AIPC - International Association of Convention Centers 

We are a member of AIPC since 1991.

AIPC was founded in 1958, the headquarters is in Brussels.

AIPC is an industry association that unites managers of professional congress and exhibition centers around the world. AIPC is a global network of more than 175 leading centers in 57 countries with the active participation of more than 900 senior managers. The Association aims to encourage, support and recognize advanced achievements in the management of Conference Centers based on the diverse experience and knowledge of a large number of members of the international community. It also provides a full range of services: the development of educational, research programs, the exchange of experience within the network and the development of standards for improving the quality of management, marketing and the industry as a whole.

AIPC also plays an important role in enhancing global relations among the business and cultural communities providing support in the field of economic, academic and professional development.

Founded in 1958 it is the largest branch non-profit association uniting professional congress and exhibition centers around the world. The Association was established with the purpose of identifying and promoting the best ideas in the field of management of congress centers. At the same time the AIPC is called upon to provide tools for achieving a high level of this activity through its research, educational and networking programs.

The Association maintains close working relationship with related industry associations in order to provide its members with comprehensive assistance on all aspects of activity (such as finance, technologies, personnel, marketing, customer relations and the environment).

In AIPC Russia is represented by the Congress Center of the WTC Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Crocus Congress Center, International ExpoForum Exhibition and Convention Center.

Membership gives us access to a wide range of programs, resources and contacts within and outside the industry.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Obtaining quality standards for congress centers;
  • Congress center’s management and marketing consulting;
  • Branch studies obtaining;
  • AIPC publications obtaining;
  • Participation in seminars on management, marketing in congress activities;
  • Participation in training seminars in the framework of the AIPC conference and international exhibitions IMEX and EIBTM;
  • Training at the Academy of AIPC;
  • Placement in the database of AIPC members;
  • Receiving the AIPC press releases;
  • Exchange of information between members of the Association (networking) on an ongoing basis

AIPC offers its members the following services:

  • Consulting - an extensive network of services, studies on the industry, publications of AIPC, quality standards for congress centers;
  • Preparation of technical publications;
  • Training programs - participation in training seminars on the topics: management, marketing, languages learning; exchange of personnel between congress centers;
  • Marketing - participation in exhibitions, professional exhibitions and fairs, news and press releases of AIPC, placement in the database of AIPC members;
  • Facilitation of interaction between members and exchange of information;
  • Maintaining standards of productivity, including AIPC programs for quality standards and AIPC / Ipsos Economic Impact Tool;
  • Support and implementation of media and advocacy initiatives to promote the industry among key audiences.

Participation in the work of the Association allows the WTC Moscow to determine the conformity of its congress center to the level and standards of the best congress centers in the world, to analyze trends in the development of the industry as a whole and ways to solve common problems.

Representatives of the WTC Moscow participate in the work of the General Assembly and the Annual Conference of the AIPC.

International Association of Congresses and Conferences (ICCA)

We are a member of ICCA since 1990.

It was founded in 1963 by a group of travel agencies for the exchange of information on international congresses and conventions. ICCA is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the International Association of Congresses and Conferences, is an international community whose main goal is the maintenance and development of global communication in the field of congress and exhibition activities. The ICCA brings together specialists in organizing and conducting various kinds of events at the international level, providing its members with the maximum amount of information about the industry, databases, communication channels and relevant business development opportunities. Currently the Association counts more than 1,000 members in 90 countries including 17 Russian companies.

The goal of the ICCA is to provide maximum opportunities for its members to conduct business, ensure the constant exchange of information between members, develop and provide quality standards to their members as well as their constant updating in accordance with the development of the congress business activities and the needs of clients.

The ICCA provides international organizers with assistance in solving any tasks in the events’ conducting: choosing the destination and venue of the event, technical advice, full event planning, technical and organizational advice and a number of other services. The ICCA is an association that represents the interests of all groups of service providers in the field of congress business.

ICCA was founded in 1963 by a group of tour operators.  Later with the rapid development of the business congress industry there entered the agencies involved in the tourist business, and then all the branches related to the congress business: airlines, professional organizers of congresses, conferences and exhibitions (RCEEO), hotels, "auxiliary industries" - from technical and restaurant services providers to specialized magazines, congress and exhibition centers, tourist congress bureaus. ICCA is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Also there are regional offices in Malaysia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Uruguay.

The Association is a non-profit trade organization whose main purpose is the maintenance of global communication in various industries, allowing its members to create and maintain equal competition.

The Association has more than 1000 members in 90 countries, including 17 Russian companies, namely:

From Moscow:

  • Venues: WTC Moscow, Expocentre, Crocus Expo IEC, Tourist hotel complex Izmailovo (Gamma, Delta);
  • Congress and exhibition operators and service providers MEDI Expo, Euroexpo, International Agency of Congress Management  MAKO, RussCom Solutions;
  • The Congress Bureau of Moscow.

From Saint-Petersburg:

  • Venue: International Exhibition and Convention Center Expoforum;
  • Professional event organizers: RESTEC, Monomax congress service, Farexpo, Russkie Prostory, Tsar Events, Business Event to Business (BE2B);
  • The Congress bureau of St. Petersburg.

JSC "Kazan Fair"

Membership in the Association promotes congress, exhibition and hotel services of the WTC Moscow in the world market of business events industry, providing new business opportunities, studying and applying the best international quality standards.

Benefits of membership:

  • Using the ICCA Association Database;
  • Obtaining statistical reviews and data on international congresses and exhibitions from 1993 to date;
  • Participation in training seminars and workshops;
  • Participation in working meetings of the Client-Supplier on congress and exhibition topics;
  • Participation in ICCA DATA training workshops, the ICCA Association Meetings Program (AMP), and training programs of other associations;
  • Participation in training seminars in the framework of the ICCA conference and international exhibitions IMEX (Frankfurt am Main) and EIBTM (Barcelona);
  • Placement of information and advertising materials on the ICCA website and in the ICCA conferences’ catalogs;
  • Image: membership in the ICCA is a guarantee of quality when choosing a venue among professional international associations, organizers of international events.

Representatives of ITC participate in the work of the General Assembly and ICCA Congress, which are held annually in different countries around the world.

The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are a member of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2013.

The Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1964. Now it includes 350 members.

The aim of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is to promote economic, trade, technical, legal, scientific and cultural cooperation between Italy and the Russian Federation, and create a trusting atmosphere for fruitful cooperation between the Italian and Russian entrepreneurs.

The Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF)

Established in 1991, Member of UFI - World Association of the Exhibition Industry - since 1994.

We are a member of the RUEF since 1995.

The Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) is the union of the leading Russian organizers of exhibitions, owners of exhibition complexes, enterprises promoting exhibition business, as well as representatives of exhibition business of Moldova and Ukraine.

The main activities of RUEF:

Assistance to domestic enterprises in promoting goods and services to the internal and external markets, coordination of exhibition and fair activities, legislative initiatives in the field of exhibition and fair activities, audit of exhibition events, international relations, training seminars, information database of the exhibition industry.

Publications: Catalog "Exhibitions. Fairs - CD", Statistical Review, Best exhibitions of RUEF, RUEF Exhibition Centers, Methodological literature.

The advantages of WTC Moscow membership in RUEF:

  • Direct participation and influence on the development of the Russian exhibition industry;
  • Growth of competence through constant informing and interaction;
  • Broad awareness of the exhibition industry development in the country and in the world;
  • Expansion of mutually beneficial contacts and business communication at the Union events;
  • Increase of professionalism of employees;
  • Increased confidence in WTC Moscow as a reliable professional - a member of the national exhibition association.

The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)

We are a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2000.

The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1991. The Chamber is a non-governmental non-profit organization and is part of the system of chambers of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation.

The main task of the MCCI is to support business and promote entrepreneurship in Moscow, build effective business-government relationships.

Today the MCCI unites more than 3000 companies from various segments and branches of the economy of Moscow - medium and small businesses, large enterprises, public and educational organizations, representative offices of foreign companies.

The Guild of Exhibition and Fair Organizations of the MCCI

The Guild of Exhibition and Fair Organizations unites all the major players and operators of the exhibition market. The Guild takes an active part in the work of the new structures - the Congress and Exhibition Bureau and the Congress and Exhibition Council. The Guild members also aim to exchange experience, discuss common problems and solutions for the industry, and develop joint projects.

The National part of the SCO Business Council from the part of the Russian Federation

The WTC Moscow is a part of it since 2013.

The SCO Business Council was established on the results of the next SCO summit in Shanghai in 2006.

The national parts of the SCO Business Council are headed by organizations representing the interests of entrepreneurship - national chambers of commerce and industry and business associations.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia headed the Russian National part of the SCO Business Council in 2013.

The main goals and tasks of the SCO are: strengthening mutual trust, friendship and good-neighborliness between Member States; development of multidisciplinary cooperation in order to maintain and strengthen peace, security and stability in the region, to help build a new democratic, fair and rational political and economic international order; joint counteraction to terrorism, separatism and extremism in all their manifestations, fight against illicit trafficking in drugs and weapons, other types of transnational criminal activity and illegal migration as well; encouraging effective regional cooperation in political, trade, economic, defense, law enforcement, environmental, cultural, scientific, technical, educational, energy, transport, credit and finance and other areas of common interest; promoting comprehensive and balanced economic growth, social and cultural development in the region through joint action on the basis of equal partnership in order to steadily raise the level and improve the living conditions of the peoples of the Member States; coordination of approaches to integration into the world economy; assistance in ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the international obligations of the Member States and their national legislation; maintenance and development of relations with other states and international organizations; cooperation in the prevention of international conflicts and their peaceful settlement; joint search for solutions to the problems that will arise in the twenty-first century.

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